“Dark riffs with strong 70’s influences, the crowd was captivated by the vocals of lead singer Pierina O’Brien” – The Spotlight Report, Live Review


“The songs are great, dynamic and riff-heavy” ​- Desert Highways

GRAVEYARD, Devil Electric. Crowbar, Sydney. 24-08-2019.

Live Photo Gallery ​- Desert Highways

GRAVEYARD, Devil Electric. Corner Hotel, Melbourne. 25-08-2019.

“With their foundations firmly planted in the doom and stoner rock/metal genres, the band have produced an album which more than delivers on the riff front as you would expect. However to merely focus on the riffs would be unfair, as the album also contains so much more and rewards the listener with each play through” – HEAVY Magazine

Devil Electric ‘Devil Electric’

“From start to finish, Devil Electric oozes class and style. This band is very much rooted in the sounds of the past, but their take on it is new and fresh and should appeal to any fan of heavy music whose appreciation goes back before this century.” – Pinnacle Music

Album review: Devil Electric – Devil Electric

“The Australian Devil Electric have burst into the scene with their own brand of occult-tinged heavy blues. … The band create a striking balance between bright 70s style fuzz and heavy blues with rumbling, evil riffs and pregnant silences that crash into cacophonic grooves

” – More Fuzz


“Hailing from the Melbourne, Australia, Devil Electric unleash a bevy combination of, ‘riffs of old and new in a collision of unholy matrimony’.” – The Sludgelord


“Australia isn’t known for its swamps, but if there are any near Melbourne, that’s where you would find Devil Electric. Murky and enigmatic, their old-school doom metal rises out of the bayou like a sultry bog witch, throwing an electric funeral for the Delta blues.” – Bandcamp Daily

Album of the Day: Devil Electric, “Devil Electric”

#4 Australian Independent Record Label Association – AIR Charts


“Dark, beautiful, mysterious!!!!  Brilliant FFOBR (female fronted occult blues rock) Doom metal!!!”

Doom Charts for August 2017

“Devil Electric have established a unique sound with this debut album and one that doom fans would be wise to catch on to and embrace. This is a very creative album that presents a plethora of really neat ideas, making for an awesome listening experience.” – The Metal Observer

Devil Electric – Devil Electric

“Melbourne’s Devil Electric released their mesmerising self titled debut album in August 2017 to rave reviews to world over! The 37minute, 9-track LP is a riff heavy, doom encrusted rock n roll ride of epic proportions.” – The Rockpit

Devil Electric Release Chilling Video For ‘Shadowman’

“The reflective vocals on Devil Electric are captivating like a priestess’ gospel during an unholy ritual and are dancing to the groove of fuzz-laden flow. The bands’ songwriting is strong and systematic, building bridges back to already presented musical ideas without dwelling and pushing too hard. Chanting and organs, chugging and merciless guitars and a distinctive, dark blue tainting – this album is stylistically congruent without needing to take on excessive makeup.” – Metal Injection

The Wednesday Sludge: DEVIL ELECTRIC Conjure The Riffs In ‘Hypnotica’